As an au pair, I spend endless hours making a fool of myself to get a laugh out of my charge, Tilda. Thank God she is the easiest to entertain, happiest six month old I have ever met. When things get a little rough though, the only option is to sing until the crying stops (don't worry, you'll never see it) and I quickly realized that most lyrics for traditional lullabies aren't part of my memory bank. After making up my own, awful lyrics for a few days, I decided to shift to something I knew a little more about. During one particularly brutal teething session, I ended up singing most of My Morning Jacket's Circuital, to which I shockingly know most of the lyrics.  Crowd favorites include "Wonderful," "Holdin' On To Black Metal," and "Outta My System."

Baby T and I crank the tunes most mornings. Yo La Tengo's newest, Neil Young's Harvest, anything Bon Iver and this masterpiece from the world's greatest Beatle have been on repeat:

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