lagne nacht der museen

Gorgeous carpet from the Pergamon’s Islamic Art Collection.

Twice a year, over 100 museums in Berlin participate in “Lange Nacht Der Museen.” This tradition invites Berliners to museums from 6 pm until 2 am for one ticket price. This is obviously right up my alley, so I went with a couple of friends last Saturday to check out three of Berlin’s largest and oldest museums. I met a guy in line who sold me his ticket for 8, so I got an even better deal than expected.

We hit up two of the fine art museums – the Pergamonmuseum and the Altes Museum – and ended the night at the Deutsches Historisches Museum, to see an amazing exhibit on Berlin’s Ruined Diversity, which focused on how the Nazi takeover completely wiped out one of Europe’s most diverse cities in the 1930s and 40s.

One of the Pergamon's most impressive exhibits is the restored Market Gate of Milekus, which was built in the 2nd century, excavated in the early 20th century, renovated in the 1920s, and renovated again after it sustained significant damage during WWII. The museum has received criticism since the structure is comprised mostly of new materials, but I thought it was still amazing to see up close.

Altar from the Pergamon's Islamic Art collection.

Berlin tourism posters made prior to Hitler's takeover.

Our night was long and completely freezing, but well worth it. The energy in this city is incredible – there were thousands of people out for Lange Nacht Der Museen, which is such a testament to the character of Berliners, who will brave a cold, dark night to take advantage of some of their city’s impressive resources.

Next time I’ll plan my route a little better and check out some of the contemporary/modern spots. I need suggestions – any ideas? Berlin has such a rich history and amazing art scene, and I’m especially excited to cross more museums off my list when the weather is warmer and more visitors come to town (hint, hint).

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  1. The altar is gorgeous and I love the tourism posters. What fun!


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