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There are very few things more exhilarating to me than being alone in a foreign place. I so often wish I was content to stay in my comfort zone surrounded by people I know and love, but my desire to explore has been a guiding constant since as far back as I can remember. When I switched schools in first grade, I remember being so overwhelmed with the prospect of new friends and a new routine. I chose to go to a college that, for all of its merits, felt 100% alien to me, and when I started working, quickly found that I produced my best work when pushing the limits on time and content. If you tell me there's a rule, I will definitely break it the first chance I get (sorry mom).

I thrive when seeking out anything that makes me a little bit nervous.

So. Here I am, living in Berlin by myself. I know maybe three words of German, am pausing a momentum-gaining career (that I liked!), am working for a family I've known little more than a week and I haven't felt happier in years.

I'm settling into this new place on the outskirts of my comfort zone for countless reasons, but the one I keep hearing out loud is that now's the time for me to rediscover what makes me feel full. For now, it look like finding that fullness is going to take me on a trip into the total unknown. Buckle up, y'all.

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