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A delayed weekly round-up, because the real fun came this weekend when temperatures jumped to the fifties (fahrenheit, of course) and the sun stayed out for hours (!) at a time. Berlin is even closer to heaven in springtime.

A few things that made my week a little bit sweeter:

This colorful building discovered in a new-to-me corner of Schöneberg 

This Americana band made up of Germans and an English dude

One of several gates from a Saturday spent in Potsdam

A hike around Lake Wannsee that reminded me of lakes back home

A post-hike weissbier at a biergarten that felt right out of a grown-up fairytale. So much so that I can't seem to find any information about it online. Magical.

And, a mellow springtime song to kick off the week. Get happy y'all.

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