morning walk

Volkspark near our apartment

Baby and I took an early walk this morning in an attempt to help me recover from a too-late night out (seems to be a theme in my life...I'll grow up someday.) The weather was SO gorgeous that we ended up staying out for almost three hours. Spending time outside is such a luxury, especially after the brutal German winter (their longest in 130 YEARS) and a couple years of looooooong work weeks trapped in a dark office.

I write about how much I love this city and our neighborhood all the time, but I think I fell even more in love this morning. I may be a Nashville girl at heart, but it looks like it'll be more difficult than I thought to go back to Tennessee. A few crappy iPhone photos from this morning:

Rathaus Schöneberg, the city hall for our borough, has an interesting history attached to it. President Kennedy spoke here in 1963, where he famously said "Ich bin ein Berliner." On the night of his assassination, Berliners spontaneously congregated at the spot and the the square surrounding the building was renamed John F. Kennedy Platz. President Obama is traveling to Berlin in June of this year, and is rumored to be speaking here to commemorate fiftieth anniversary of Kennedy's speech.

Even the police stations are good-looking

Poodle Pack...groomed to perfection

For something a little less picturesque - I spotted this nightmare of an outfit and spent a good ten minutes walking slowly, and probably not inconspicuously enough, to get a picture:

You're welcome.

Now I'm headed to meet friends at one of my favorite biergartens. Thank God for springtime.

Photo of Café am Neuen See via

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