Copenhagen [part I]

Back in February, when I was utterly friendless and always cold, I booked a May trip to Copenhagen because flights were cheap and I wanted to get one last trip in before tourist season geared up. I had no expectations of the city other than my groggy morning spent in their incredible airport, which looks more like a gorgeous mall (is that an oxymoron?) than anything else.

As my trip got closer, I began to get nervous because it was my first time traveling alone. Copenhagen ended up being my favorite trip so far - maybe because the weather was perfection and the city is totally up my alley but mostly, I think, because it was an ideal solo trip. 

Before I left, I told some friends that I was afraid I wouldn't even talk to anyone for the entire weekend - a completely ridiculous fear and a dead giveaway of how much I love the sound of my own voice. In reality, I ended up meeting tons of people at my hostel and around the city and cancelled plans just so I could have time alone, wandering wherever I wanted. Copenhagen is small and colorful and full of beautiful things (and people... Scandinavians are perfect looking.) It's also very expensive, so I didn't do much more than walk and look and drink sidewalk beers with other broke travelers. The perfect weekend.   

Bikes and Crayola colors everywhere

Scaffolding turned into a public affirmation

One of our favorite discoveries was Christiania, a separate township within Copenhagen where a few hundred hippies live their lives under a government that tolerates soft drugs and free love and good times in general. Heaven - I could have stayed there all day.

Bonnaroo vibes

Into it

Paper flowers - don't they look real?

Can you see why I'm obsessed? 

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