this is why you're fat

Germans eat a lot and they drink even more. Turning down food or drinks will undoubtedly result in questions about what I've already consumed today or the contents of my uterus, so I've decided to fully commit to the cause and worry about counting calories when I'm back in the states.

The perfect Sunday afternoon indulgence

Wheat beer, spicy mustard and a pretzel - three of Germany's main food groups

American Breakfast at The California Breakfast Slam - my hangover go-to

Yumcha Heroes perfection

liters of fruit wine at the werder baumblΓΌtenfest

Maria Bonita tacos and margs

Ringing in spargel season with schnitzel, potatoes and riesling

Baby beers

A tier at Anna Blume

Just a SMALL portion from a barbecue for seven people

KaDeWe cakes

See y'all on the other side.

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