I forgot about my blog and I've decided to blame it on other factors: a busy baby and warm weather. So there. Can I make a New Year's resolution in the middle of the year? I resolve to start blogging more. This week: details from my trip to Copenhagen, an exhaustive post about all the amazing food I've been eating (along with another mid-year resolution to actually start working out), and a postcard from da club. 

Until I hunker down to organize myself, I've been reading this right-on New York Times piece about the beauty (and total narcissism!) of traveling alone.

"Perhaps even being oneself for the very first time, without tradition scrutinizing you, without expectation hounding you, without class defining you and without a sense of other people lording it over you. That’s an unforgettable experience, especially in youth, because the lasting feature of the solo traveler lies in his hunger for singularity."

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