Copenhagen [part II]

Yayoi Kusama's Gleaming Lights of the Souls at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Travelling alone requires patience and optimism. It creates comfort in silence and isolated courage. It teaches you contentedness and shows you you're capable of more than you thought. It offers a glimpse of a new kind of joy - a singular sort that's refreshing to experience at least once. I'll remember my time in Copenhagen exhausted and sunburned but totally full of the kind of excitement I get by wandering around somewhere totally new. 

Assistens Cemetery

It also confirmed for me that I'll probably have this itch to travel for the rest of my life. Now that I've had a glimpse at a few new places, I've realized how much more of this incredible world there is to see. Crossing my fingers that I'll figure out a way to make this kind of exploration a part of my life forever.

Middle of the road dining and live music on Sunday in Nørrebro

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Flea market finds

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